Portmanteau & Rhyme Generator


Portmanteau Phoneme 1 Phoneme 2 Phonetic Probability Phonetic Distance
brighter (bright/rider) B·R·AY₁·T R·AY₁·D·ER₀ 3.81e-08 2
horseyquin (horsey/sequin) HH·AO₁·R·S·IY₀ S·IY₁·K·W·AH₀·N 2.32e-05 1


Rhyme Phoneme 1 Phoneme 2 Phonetic Probability Phonetic Distance
buckskin shin B·AH₁·K·S·K·IH₂·N SH·IH₁·N 4.60e-07 0
rhinestone roan R·AY₁·N·S·T·OW₂·N R·OW₁·N 1.59e-06 0
roan shone R·OW₁·N SH·OW₁·N 1.81e-06 0
equine shine IY₁·K·W·AY₂·N SH·AY₁·N 2.02e-06 0
flair mare F·L·EH₁·R M·EH₁·R 2.91e-06 0


The code for generating the portmanteaus and rhymes can be found at the entendrepreneur-web github repository. This algorithm was presented at the NeurIPS 2018 Creativity and Design Workshop under the title "Entendrepreneur: Generating Humorous Portmanteaus using Word-Embeddings", the associated conference paper can be found here. All credit for the code and the algorithm goes to Jonathan Simon. Please direct any questions to [email protected].


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